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2024: Five Digital Transformation Trends

2024: Five Digital Transformation Trends

CompucomDavid Krauthamer •  Staff Writer 

Technology and Services Continue to Drive Strategic Planning

Digital Transformation helps companies enhance their operations, improve customer experiences, and stay ahead of the competition. In 2024, it will continue to be a significant factor in the success of enterprise organizations. Companies choosing to strategize with a bold digital transformation path that embraces emerging technologies will be the ones to thrive in the coming years.   

As we look forward to 2024, backed by our discussions with customers and analysts, we anticipate digital transformation efforts are best focused in the following ways:  

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Become the Norm

AI has already made a considerable impact on the business world. Organizations will continue looking to AI-powered tools to automate processes, improve analysis and decision-making, and enhance employee and customer experiences, integrating AI into many aspects of business operations, from customer service to supply chain management. 

2. Cybersecurity Will Remain a Top Priority

As in previous years, we expect a strong emphasis on cybersecurity as organizations continue protecting their data and systems from attacks. The ongoing prevalence of the distributed workforce means the risk of cyber threats shows no sign of ending.

Companies must provide ongoing education to their workforce regarding best practices for guarding against attacks and invest in advanced security measures, such as AI-powered threat detection.  

3. Sustainability Will Continue to Guide Business Decision-Making

Sustainability is already a top priority for many organizations, and this trend will continue in 2024. Companies will take a more comprehensive approach, looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and operate more sustainably. This will involve leveraging digital technologies to improve energy efficiency, reduce paper usage, and optimize transportation.

Companies that focus on reducing eWaste can have a big impact on the fastest-growing solid waste stream in the US. 

4. The Internet of Things (IoT) Will Become Even More Valuable to Large Companies

IoT already impacts many industries, and we predict its adoption will grow rapidly in the next few years. In 2024, we will see more organizations leveraging IoT devices to collect data, automate processes, and enhance customer experiences. This will include using smart sensors, wearables, and other connected devices.  

5. The Relationship Between Human and Machine Will Grow Stronger

As AI becomes more ubiquitous, we predict companies leveraging collaboration between workers and AI will benefit the most. When used effectively, AI can free workers from grunt work, augment their analytical capabilities, and save businesses from costly human errors. Companies who equip their talent with powerful AI tools for valuable and interesting work like cost and risk reduction for IT Operations will get the best ROI and retain and attract the best employees. 

Digital Transformation: The Key to Staying Competitive 

According to a recent Forbes article, “Digital transformation doesn't end – it's an ongoing process, and the breakthrough trends that have made 2023 one of the most exciting years for innovation will continue to reshape our world in many exciting ways.”

We believe that digital transformation is more than just buying the right technology. It's planning with a purpose and a goal in mind. It's about driving growth, attracting and retaining top talent, and everything we’ve talked about so far. But most of all it’s about positive outcomes and meeting your business objectives.

Now, we understand that digital transformation can be a daunting process for many organizations. The speed at which technology evolves can make it challenging to keep up. However, investing in digital transformation and the technology and services that power it is crucial to staying competitive in the future. By embracing new technologies and leveraging them to enhance their operations, companies can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and create better customer experiences.

Compucom: Your Go-To Transformation Services Partner

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