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5 Ways Endpoint Analytics Enhance Employee Experience

5 Ways Endpoint Analytics Enhance Employee Experience

Compucom Lisa Pompa •  Staff Writer 

With hybrid work becoming the norm and workplaces more complex, good technology plays an even more significant role in employee productivity. At Compucom, we would add that so does accurately measuring, analyzing, and managing technology's impact on employee effectiveness and satisfaction. 

DEX and XM

Compucom's Digital Experience Management (XM) uses endpoint analytics to discover insights into Digital Employee Experience (DEX) that may not be directly evident, allowing you to make the changes necessary to increase efficiencies and overall end-user satisfaction while keeping costs under control – critical aspects of modern-day business operations. This helps enhance and improve the end-user experience by providing:

  • Real-time monitoring of employee devices: Helping IT teams identify and resolve issues proactively allows them to deliver the resources the employees need to work efficiently and effectively.
  • Improved endpoint performance: Identifying and acting on employee device issues helps improve performance, reduce frustration, and enhance productivity; data analysis also allows you to identify trends and act on them as required.
  • Personalized support and training: Analyzing employee device usage and identifying patterns may help indicate areas where additional support or training is required, allowing IT teams to assist individual employees and improve their experience and productivity.
  • Enhanced security: Given the diversity of work styles and the persistence of talent shortages in IT, maintaining a positive technology experience for a hybrid workforce while ensuring strong security is critical; effective device monitoring helps IT teams to take corrective action, mitigate risk, protect sensitive data, and improve employee confidence in device security.
  • Better decision-making: Leveraging the power of data and the insights it provides helps inform device provisioning, software deployment, and other IT-related decisions designed to optimize the digital employee experience and improve productivity and business performance.

Visibility into end-user experience and analysis of key indicators are significant advantages for enterprise organizations looking to drive transformation initiatives that not only attract and retain top talent but also deliver much-needed customer experience (CX) improvements. 

The Crossroads of Employee and Customer Experience 

Workers' day-to-day interactions with technology sit at the crossroads of employee and customer experience and can dramatically influence how a company is perceived in the marketplace. Just consider the many employee warnings about operations that preceded the Southwest Airlines technology meltdown and the effect it had on their business and customers.

Each digital employee experience story is not linear; it's complex, like a "choose your own adventure" book. The suitability of each employee's work technology, along with their decisions and actions, turn the pages leading to success, failure, or the status quo.  

Endpoint analytics helps us read between the lines of your employees' interactions with technology across your workforce, providing the information to help you see the full story and make the right decisions to move your company forward. 

It's in the Details  

At Compucom, we believe the accurate management and measurement of technology's impact on your employee's experience and improving their productivity is critical in helping your team meet and exceed their goals.

It's been said that the devil's in the details. According to dictionary.com, this means that “even the grandest project depends on the success of the smallest components.” Endpoint analytics allows us insight into some of the key, often overlooked details that, if not paid attention to, could possibly ruin your CX and DEX efforts.

We get it – we're all about the details that help deliver results for our customers. Our focus on the employee experience, and Digital Experience Management, along with the associated endpoint analytics, is foundational to all we do.