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How Cisco ISE streamlines enterprise network security

How Cisco ISE streamlines enterprise network security

Today's corporate networks are under a lot of pressure. The number of connected devices continues to explode across the world, and more and more of those devices are entering the workplace.

With many corporations shifting to a hybrid schedule, managing everything becomes even more complex. 

Employees are bringing their computers (both corporate-owned and personal) between home and work. Visitors also need secure internet access while they’re there. What’s more, innovative Internet of Things (IOT) devices are making corporate headquarters more efficient and enjoyable…but they also create cybersecurity risks.

In many cases, businesses struggle to see, control, and secure it all.

That's where Cisco's Identity Services Engine (ISE) comes in. ISE lets you:

  • See users, endpoints, and applications
  • Secure the network by segmenting and controlling network access
  • Share important contextual information with technology partners

What is Cisco Identity Services Engine (Cisco ISE)?

Cisco ISE is an industry-leading tool that modernizes network access control. With ISE, you can control access to your corporate network across wired, wireless VPN, and 5G connections.

ISE allows you to provide highly secure network access to a variety of users and devices — using centralized policies to decide if a device is allowed on your network, and which permissions they should get.

This helps connect trusted devices to trusted services, so the right people get access to the right data.

ISE is available on a scalable subscription model, with four licensing options based on your specific use cases. 

What does Cisco ISE do for enterprises?

More visibility and insight:

With ISE, you have greater visibility into what’s happening on your network.

The platform gives a detailed view into every endpoint and device — who is connected, how they’re connected, which apps are installed or currently running, and who is accessing what.

ISE also stores a detailed history of all endpoints and users. This data helps your IT team make fully informed decisions to protect the network and unearth threats faster.Untitled design (4)-1

Stronger security:

ISE offers extensive policy management tools, so IT administrators can apply access and usage policies across the entire network. This controls who, what, when, where, and how people can access the network. 

ISE also uses built-in authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA), profiling, and posture services to ensure that every endpoint meets your security standards.

To help identify and stop security threats faster, ISE also shares important contextual information with integrated solutions from Cisco or third-party technology partners (like us!), adding an extra layer of protection as those services work together.

Simplified guest access:

How will you welcome visitors, customers, or contractors? ISE makes it easy to provide visitors with multiple levels of access without compromising your security.

You can customize guest access through a basic hotspot (like a coffee shop), self-service registered access, or employee-sponsored access. Of course, IT gets a real-time view to monitor guests' access, activity, and device security compliance. 

Cost savings:

According to research from Forrester Consulting, ISE helps organizations save big on security and IT staffing costs, too! 

By streamlining processes and protecting the business from security breaches, enterprises that deploy ISE could see a 191% ROI over the first three years.

The Forrester study noted that cost savings from improved security were the "single greatest factor in a return on investment." This was thanks to a 50% reduction in security incidents, plus a decrease in the amount of staff resources needed to respond to access-related security breaches, they said.

Getting started

We help our enterprise clients get the most out of Cisco ISE's features to align with your priorities—including security, audit, and network teams requirements and mandates.

At Compucom, we offer a wide range of professional services and projects that optimize your network and maximize the return on your technology investments.

As a proud Cisco Gold Certified Partner, turn to us to:

  • Design, deploy, and implement your technology and infrastructure upgrades
  • Create or update your centralized network access policy
  • Implement network segmentation to make sure the right people get access
  • Plan for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and guest-access needs
  • Craft a return-to-office strategy that ensures every endpoint is safe
  • Implement turnkey ISE solutions

Book a meeting with us to explore the benefits of Cisco ISE's technical features—including threat assessment, micro-segmentation, endpoint compliance, and more.

Already using Cisco ISE? We'll help you optimize your current ISE deployment to meet your unique priorities; complete a network health and best practices assessment to get started.