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In the Battle for Talent, Better Tech Wins

In the Battle for Talent, Better Tech Wins

In the battle for talent in the hybrid workplace there is one thing that can set your company apart – the digital employee experience. Attracting and retaining employees isn’t just an HR thing — IT plays a significant role, too.  

In the fight for loyal and productive employees, companies that provide a better digital employee experience are going to win.  

“Organizations operating in a hybrid fashion have put severe pressure on enterprise IT functions to ensure that employees have positive technology experiences while working from the location of their choice,” says ISG Principal Analyst Mrinal Rai, in a December 2022 whitepaper about Compucom’s approach to experience management. 

A positive digital employee experience is one shaped by “uninterrupted access to technology” and powered by “automated, proactive and intelligent workplace support,” according to ISG

Getting those elements right supports a distributed workforce and results in improved productivity and operational efficiency. People can work faster, collaborate seamlessly and stay connected wherever the job requires.  

Therefore, he says, managing and “enhancing EX has become the most sought-after approach” for enterprises, especially those with hybrid work models. 

What the EX research says about tech and retention

Tech also significantly impacts how employees feel about their jobs. An outstanding technology experience is really important to today’s employees – it’s now a need to have, not a nice to have. 

Our own survey research shows that most employees highly value their workplace tech; almost 9 out of 10 (89%) enterprise employees agreed that satisfaction and retention would increase if employers invested more in their own technology and support.   

Employees also are 230% more engaged and 85% more likely to stick with a job beyond three years if they feel they have the technology that supports them at work, according to research from Qualtrics.  

And if employees don’t feel supported? They’ll likely quit. Tech frustrations have led many workers to start job hunting; in our survey, 57% of enterprise respondents claimed to have switched jobs or applied to other work because of it.  

That means the pressure is on for leaders and IT teams to adapt and deliver the tech experience employees want and need. 

Enhancing the employee experience with Compucom 

What’s the next step? Measuring and enhancing the experience.  

Instead of focusing on traditional service level agreements (SLAs), enterprise IT organizations are now beginning to understand and increasingly adopt experience level agreements (XLAs).  

Mrinal Rai“As enterprise IT leaders frame strategies to enable remote and hybrid working, there is a huge opportunity to measure [employee experience] with workplace technology using telemetry-based data,” says Rai.  

“Quantifying employees’ experience with technology and leveraging it to improve the same is the most sought-after service today,” says Rai. 

At Compucom, we know that experience matters. With that in mind, we equip our customers with the right technology, solutions and support to make great tech happen, at scale.  

To learn more, read the whitepaper to unpack how Compucom optimizes the digital workplace experience, leveraging experience and telemetry data to deliver actionable insights for customers.  

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