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4 Key Areas for a Better Hybrid Employee Experience

4 Key Areas for a Better Hybrid Employee Experience

Happy and engaged employees make for happy customers. Anecdotally we know this, but the research makes it clear too: improving the employee experience drives growth.

A survey conducted by Salesforce and Forbes found companies that prioritize positive employee experience outperformed those that don't—seeing 1.8 times faster revenue growth.

When you put the right people, technology, and services in place to support your team, you create an environment that nurtures engagement, productivity, and loyalty. 

With companies increasingly shifting to a hybrid model, now is the perfect time to optimize the employee experience and gain a competitive edge. So where to start?

For a better hybrid employee experience, we recommend developing these four areas:


1. Thoughtful digital onboarding

No matter where the work happens, you must be sure your new hires feel welcomed, informed, connected, and appreciated from day one. Merely shipping a computer in a plain box no longer cuts it.

Think through the expectations and goals for your team members' first few days and weeks. What do they need to know leading up to that first day?

How will they set up and connect to workplace technology? Which systems do they need access to right away? What will you do to act as a guide?

Consider how confusing it can be to navigate a new role in a hybrid or remote environment! The more guidance you can provide new employees, the more supported and engaged they will feel on their first day—and beyond.


2. Technology of choice

IT leaders must focus on equipping workers with the best technology for how—and where and when—they work today. 

First, ensure everyone has access to the tech they need. HR and IT teams should collaborate to survey employees and determine technology needs based on specific departments, roles, preferences, and demands. 

Give teams the freedom to choose the devices that will work best for them, and make it clear which products IT can support.

Wherever possible, reduce friction with collaboration and productivity apps, AI-powered tools, and smart features that streamline processes.

Consider a Device as a Service (DaaS) provider to simplify how you equip your workforce with the latest technology!
Compucom - Technology of choice


3. Tech support options

Once your team has their equipment, they'll likely need help. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to IT support anymore.

David in accounting may prefer to call the service desk to talk through an issue, while Maria from sales wants to visit an on-site support team for help.

Meanwhile, your Gen Z employees are perfectly happy using self-service support options and following up by chat as needed. 

What's the solution here? Let your employees pick what works best for them and their unique work style! Have multiple employee and technology support options on standby around the clock. 


4. Security for every work environment

Most data breaches are caused by people making mistakes.

In a report from email security company Tessian, nearly half of the employees cited distraction and fatigue as the main reasons they made a cybersecurity mistake.

With 57% of workers admitting they’re more distracted when working from home, the shift to remote and hybrid work could be opening businesses up to greater risks.

From an employee experience perspective, we have a few areas to revisit.

  • Think through scenarios: How will your employees access business-critical data in a remote environment? What about those who move between locations, or spend a few days in the office? The key is to make sure employees feel safe and empowered to do their jobs securely, whether they're presenting in a conference room, or connecting with customers from home or in the field.

  • Knowledge is power: Security awareness training is not a "one-and-done" process! Regularly train all employees on cybersecurity risks, at least twice a year. That should include password security, phishing techniques, malware and ransomware, device security, and other information security best practices.

  • Remove the guesswork: Have crystal clear information security policies. Pair them with step-by-step instructions on how to avoid data breaches and how to escalate in case of a problem. Better yet, make reporting a one-step process.

Creating a seamless digital experience

All of this is core to what we do. At Compucom, we are all about innovating the employee experience for today's hybrid work environments. 

From start to finish, we procure, configure and support all your IT needs to:  

  • Innovate the employee experience to retain your best talent
  • Provide frictionless productivity 
  • Pair the right device with the right people 
  • Empower your team with digitally-powered support
  • Secure it all, anywhere and anytime

Together, we can support your distributed workers and their technology anywhere the work gets done. Book a meeting to get started.

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