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T-Mobile, Compucom Join Forces to Ensure Connected Workforce

T-Mobile, Compucom Join Forces to Ensure Connected Workforce

Bundled services include America’s largest 5G network and Compucom’s industry-leading technology, sourcing and managed IT services

FORT MILL, SC, Feb 13, 2023 - Compucom, a leading technology sourcing, integration and services company, has partnered with T-Mobile for Business to offer enterprises an integrated IT solution leveraging America’s largest 5G network as part of T-Mobile for Business’ Connected Laptop offering. This bundled solution includes 5G-connected devices supported by Compucom. These services include technology sourcing, device lifecycle management, end-to-end digital support, field dispatched services, and the company’s industry-leading automation and experience platform. 

It’s estimated that workers often use up to four different devices, on average, to perform their daily duties. From laptops to tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches, multiple devices are ubiquitous in today’s medical facilities, retail outlets, banks, and more.   

“In a world where technology is required for virtually everything we do at work, it is important to know that the technology will be there – and work - when and where you need it,” said Compucom CEO Kevin Shank. “Our relationship with T-Mobile for Business will ensure a secure connection when it matters most.” 

In conjunction with T-Mobile for Business, Compucom will help empower mobile and connected users with 5G broadband, reducing productivity-interrupting technology issues. According to a recent survey by Compucom, slow-loading websites and connection speed are some of the worst technology issues workers deal with on a daily basis. Having a consistent broadband connection, no matter where they work, can be a big boost to productivity. 

With employees now both in and out of the office, enterprises are looking for help to support the devices and connections employees rely on to get work done. The access to 5G virtually everywhere work is done can advance the overall digital employee experience needed to ensure a productive workforce. 

“Technology choice and acquisition is central to ensuring a quality employee experience and it shouldn’t be taken lightly or it causes risk downstream,” Shank said. “But the experience employees and customers have with that technology often is overlooked. That’s where Compucom comes in – providing workplace and advanced technology solutions that improve the overall experience. Now we can power that connection with T-Mobile for Business.” 



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