Finding our voice: secrets from Compucom's bold corporate rebrand

Finding our voice: secrets from Compucom's bold corporate rebrand

Things look a little different around here...

Last month we at Compucom unveiled a bright new brand identity, ushering in a new age for North America’s leading managed services provider. 

We sat down with Chief Marketing Officer Heather Lockhart to talk brand building, color psychology, and what this new chapter means for Compucom. 


Heather LockhartTell us about the new brand. What’s changed? 

It’s really a new day for us—and this brand is reflective of our new chapter. We’re bold. Confident. Enthusiastic. Energetic. That’s the spirit that we have had all along; we wanted to “recharge” and highlight it with a fresh new brand.  

The new Compucom brand is full of promise. It leans into our innovative approach and entrepreneurial spirit.  

How did you approach rebranding a 35-year-old company?  

Being a standalone company now, we’re able to truly focus on what we do best. We have an opportunity to really tell the story in our own words, in our own way. And to bring that vision to life for our customers – showing them what we do, why it matters, and the value that’s associated with connecting people, technology, and the edge with a seamless experience.  

This is also a new day for our associates. We turned to them for their feedback and input, and I personally read more than 200 comments that helped shape the new vision over the last several months. Their response to the rebrand has been incredible. 


Associates have described the new look as energizing, modern, and “a breath of fresh air.” What do these colors symbolize? 

There is a psychology of colors that go into it! It’s the perfect blend of art and science.  

Our brand is about enthusiasm, energy, and being bold. We looked for colors that match that personality and that are shown to resonate with people. Studies show that certain shades of deep blue, purple and orange evoke confidence, so that’s where we started.   

The new branding has deep grounding blues, balanced with a warm tangerine to inspire energy and enthusiasm.

You’ll also see pops of berry—tangerine’s vibrant, slightly rebellious cousin. That’s a side of us which customers might not be used to…but should expect more of.  

Notice that our new logo has the C in the center. That’s C for Compucom, obviously, but also for our customers—a visual reminder that they are at the center of all that we do. 

How does this relate to the associate experience? 

Recharging our brand is about more than colors. We’ve also thought a lot about our culture, and how we encourage confidence and entrepreneurship within the organization. I’ve always said that our people are our greatest asset—with this change, we want to attract and keep the kind of associates who resonate with this new voice and who will help strengthen our innovative culture.  

Why change now? What do you want customers to know? 

We’ve often been the 800-pound gorilla in the market, but we spoke with a quiet voice. As a result, many don’t really know who Compucom is or what we do, despite our position as one of the leading managed service providers in the market. 

"Quite simply, the world of work has been transformed."

We know that customersneeds have evolved. And, the market has dramatically changed over the past two years. And I think it’s critical for people to know that we also have evolved 

We’ve continued to innovate and automate. To think about what enterprises need today and anticipate what they will need tomorrow and the future. We’re leaders in advancing the digital workplace, and analysts are recognizing that 

What's next? Now that you’re standing on your own, where do you see Compucom’s place in the market in the next few years? What are you most excited about? 

Quite simply, the world of work has been transformed. Following the world’s massive involuntary experiment in fully remote and hybrid work models, the results are in: people are going back to the office, people are staying remote, and there will be everything in between. 

This means there is more distributed technology than ever before, highlighting the fact that technology will play a central role in employee production and engagement. It also shows the value of a tech partner who can handle any scenario.  

"There is more distributed
technology than ever before."

Just as the market has evolved over the past couple of years, we continue to evolve. By connecting people, technology and the edge with a seamless experience, Compucom is redefining the employee experience with technology.   

This is an exciting time for us. Backed by our new investors, we are moving forward. We are about bold actions, innovation and entrepreneurship. We are looking to the future so we can continue to meet our customer needs today and tomorrow.