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ISG-Compucom Podcast Series Addresses Digital Workplace Experience as Enterprise Competitive Advantage

ISG-Compucom Podcast Series Addresses Digital Workplace Experience as Enterprise Competitive Advantage

FORT MILL, SC, May 10, 2023 - Compucom, a leading IT-managed services and technologies provider, announced its four-part podcast series “Employee Experience Measurement and Challenges” with industry analyst firm ISG that addresses the advent and evolution of experience management in the post-Covid hybrid digital workplace.

The initial podcast, just released, discusses Compucom’s unique approach as it assists enterprises in optimizing employee performance, satisfaction, and retention as they use a variety of technologies in their daily work whether remote, hybrid or onsite.  

In the first of four podcasts, Mrinal Rai, assistant director and principal analyst at ISG, discusses with Compucom Product Management Director Troy Baldwin how far the industry has come in establishing employee experience standards. Rai and Baldwin highlight Compucom’s progress in tracking and measuring a variety of experience metrics, analyzing the data and providing actionable insights. 

Rai explains ISG has established a process and solution that measures employee experience under four broad categories, namely, technology, support, process, and individual experience.  

  • The technology aspect ensures that what employees use to access their workplace is always on, uninterrupted and accessible, irrespective of the device, network, and location.  

  • Support involves the service desk and IT support functions that directly interact with employees to resolve their IT issues. Experience in this aspect is highly influenced using automation, AI technologies and other approaches to provide a high level of user satisfaction and empowerment for overall improved efficiency.

  • The process aspect measures experience with business process improvement and efficiency working with increased use of communication and collaboration solutions.

  •  The individual category measures experience that enhances an employee’s own digital dexterity and their well-being. 
Heather Lockhart, Compucom CMO, indicated the podcast series sets the stage to introduce a new experience management tool for enterprises.  

“We know the customer experience is predicated on the employee experience. We have been working to define and measure the digital employee experience and look forward to launching not only the tool but highlighting details of our analysis and solutions to improve that overall experience.”

- Heather Lockhart, Compucom CMO

About Compucom

Compucom is a leading provider of business services, products and digital workplace technology solutions through an integrated business-to-business distribution platform, which includes world-class supply chain and distribution operations.

Compucom has 6,500 dedicated professionals, manages more than 9 million devices globally and serves around enterprise clients in the United States and Canada. Compucom provides end-to-end managed workplace services, infrastructure modernization and digital consulting to enable the digital workplace. 



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