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Compucom, Utilizing Intel’s 4th Gen Xeon®, Sees Accelerated Evolution of Advanced Enterprise Digital Workplaces for Employees

Compucom, Utilizing Intel’s 4th Gen Xeon®, Sees Accelerated Evolution of Advanced Enterprise Digital Workplaces for Employees

FORT MILL, SC, January 11, 2023 – Compucom, a leader in IT managed services for enterprises, expressed the modern digital workplace evolution has significantly picked up the pace thanks to the recent Intel announcement of the 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

Compucom, in partnership with Intel, can provide its customers with hardware featuring built-in accelerators to improve performance across the fastest-growing workloads in AI, analytics, networking, storage, and high-performance computing (HPC). 

With a plethora of reports from a wide spectrum of industry analyst firms about the positive impact on productivity, staffing and overall employee happiness, C-suite leaders and tech managers have embraced more flexible ‘return to office’ plans.

In 2023, enterprises are looking to provide a hybrid digital workplace for their employees – in which some of a company’s workforce is located at a corporate headquarters, others in field offices, some on-the-go, and still others working remotely from home. 

While Compucom has enterprise-level solutions, it also serves the end user by leveraging Intel cloud solutions, offering client device end-point management tools such as Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant that manages Intel vPro platform based PCs.

In a survey conducted by OnePoll last year on behalf of Compucom, hybrid and remote workers answered questions pertaining to the relationship between workplace technology and the overall employee experience.

More than a quarter of enterprise respondents (29%) said the technology they use for work is at least five years old. To compensate for outdated or non-functioning tech, two-thirds have switched to personal devices, inevitably opening the door to cybersecurity threats. 

Compucom is focused on helping enterprises provide the best technologies, products and support that maximize the performance of employees in the digital workforce while promoting ease of use. 

“The evolution of the modern, digital workplace has accelerated, and Compucom, already a partner of Intel, is in full sprint to provide existing and new enterprise customers innovative, end-to-end solutions that are securely managed on the Intel vPro® platform,” said Josh Finke, Chief Solutions Officer at Compucom. “With the fourth generation Xeon, we can provide faster processing and crunch more data all without increasing the power needed.”

Compucom leverages Intel technologies to benefit its customers with a variety of solutions including: 

  • Device as Service with the latest Intel technologies to maximize productivity anywhere, any time.
  • Advanced Remote Remediation with Intel vPro and Endpoint Management Assistant can decrease costs and improve user experience through enhanced remote technical support.  
  • Data Center Solutions secured-managed performance improvements result from the harnessing of integrated capabilities of Intel Xeon scalable processors, Intel SSDs and networking products.
“Utilizing the Intel platform, Compucom achieves the fastest-growing workloads in AI, analytics, networking, storage, and HPC, realizing a number of performance enhancements,” Finke said.

Learn more about Compucom and Intel's partnership.

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