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‘With Flying Colors’: Compucom Passes ISO Audits with Zero Blemishes

‘With Flying Colors’: Compucom Passes ISO Audits with Zero Blemishes

Auditor highlights the fact that associates embrace their challenging jobs while they ‘have fun doing it’ – a key Compucom corporate value

FORT MILL, SC, July 11, 2023 - In its efforts to be an environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG) leader in the IT industry, Compucom again easily passed two key audits of its Advance Configuration Center in Paulsboro, NJ. The company has been recertified for both the ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management systems.

The recertification audits, which occurred in May and June, inspected the company’s hardware purchasing, order management, fulfillment, configuration, repair, refurbishment and IT asset disposition programs and systems.

What makes Compucom’s work notable is that the company must adhere to industry-leading practices not just for itself but hundreds of customers as well.

“Typically, ISO controls processes are static and repeatable. Compucom is unique in that each customer requires customized services to fit their needs,” explained Travis Redington, senior operations director. “The company has been able to implement its ISO system in a way that creates a structure for repeatable processes while still providing customizable services to our customers.”

ISO provides Compucom a framework so the company can reduce its impact on the environment, identify and mitigate risks to Compucom clients, and continuously improve its internal processes.  Last year, the company diverted more than 1.2 million pounds of e-waste from landfills and resold 205,000-plus devices on behalf of its customers.

The Compucom teams which participated in the external audits received perfect scores. One of the three external auditors commented that while the teams understand the work is challenging, Compucom associates were clearly “having fun,” which happens to be a core value at Compucom.

“We are innovating at the pace and scale needed to help businesses and communities fulfill their ESG promises,” said Matt Olson, Compucom chief operations officer. “At the same time, by providing sustainable and environmentally friendly disposal and reclamation services to our customers, we also focus on our own operations to reduce our own carbon footprint and electricity usage by encouraging remote working in all functions within the company, provide remote resolution services and offer solutions that increase the sustainability and life of the tech that has been deployed.”  



compucom - gene kingGene King •  Media Relations