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Your IT Infrastructure: 7 Critical Questions

Your IT Infrastructure: 7 Critical Questions

CompucomLisa Pompa •  Staff Writer 

Boost Productivity and Collaboration for Your Enterprise Organization

Your IT infrastructure has never been more critical to your company's success. Combining the right hardware, software, people, and processes for an infrastructure that enables communication, creates efficiencies, protects data, and optimizes the user experience is a tall order, often falling to an already overburdened IT department. 

And the stakes are high: A successful digital workplace with optimized end-user productivity and collaboration helps your employees meet business objectives and drives a competitive edge for your business. 

Getting it wrong can result in serious connectivity, productivity, and security issues — real threats to the profitability of your enterprise. 

The right IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) partner brings real-world experience and deep infrastructure expertise, collaborating with your IT team to plan and deliver smart solutions. Additionally, taking advantage of managed IT services gains your team the breathing room to pursue further critical initiatives that can help move your business forward. 

Here are seven crucial questions a decision-maker should consider when their goal is a more robust IT infrastructure: 

  1. Is our company experiencing rapid growth? MSPs help your technology grow with your company by providing scalable solutions – choose the services you want, accurately estimate your costs, and scale up or down as needed, using any extra cash to reinvest into your growth initiatives.

  2. Is our in-house IT department overwhelmed? Reduce the day-to-day maintenance tasks of your IT team by implementing unified endpoint management or expand your capabilities with staff augmentation.

  3. Does our technology need updating? Maintain productivity and collaboration by automating the infrastructure updates necessary to keep your systems running smoothly, increasing efficiencies proactively (rather than reactively).

  4. Do we need to reduce costs without sacrificing stability? A good MSP can help create a roadmap to eliminate unnecessary spending, optimize new technology, and help your business grow. They can also bring economies of scale, specialized tools, and software to reduce operational costs without compromising service levels.

  5. Do our employees experience frequent downtime? Expertise, high-quality support, and maintenance for critical systems reduce the likelihood of downtime and lost productivity while improving overall system performance. By proactively monitoring your infrastructure, applications, and collaboration tools, MSPs help identify and resolve issues before they become problems.

  6. Do we have consistent and reliable access to our data? Spotty access to critical information such as financial data and order histories can interrupt your operations, resulting in lost productivity and revenue. MSPs provide the experience and tools to maintain access and quickly restore disrupted services so your employees are minimally impacted, if at all.

  7. Is our network secure? You want peace of mind as employees collaborate on sensitive projects or work with confidential information. State-of-the-art monitoring, strong password and multi-factor authentication policies, firewalls, anti-virus programs, and employee cybersecurity training are fundamental. An effective MSP has the experience to help you implement and manage comprehensive, robust security solutions.

No matter what industry you are in, you need to be prepared for possible tough times ahead that include IT talent shortages, remote/hybrid work challenges, and ever-present cybersecurity threats. By providing flexible 24x7x365 service, scalability, up-to-date technology, consistent performance, security, and cost savings, a good, reliable MSP can be your saving grace in times of trouble.

Compucom's services deliver the best technology, experience, and support for your workforce. For many of our long-term customers, we've also become a trusted advisor they invite to discuss strategy and transformation projects to modernize their infrastructure and business processes.

By having one provider for all your IT needs, you simplify your operations and gain a strategic partner with insight into your workforce requirements and business goals. Partnering with Compucom will help you to build resiliency and thrive in these challenging times.