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We Speak Your IT Love Languages: Experience, Technology, Support

We Speak Your IT Love Languages: Experience, Technology, Support

compucom - troy baldwinTroy Baldwin •  Director, Offering Management 


Just like when well-meaning sweethearts fall short of understanding what their partner needs to “feel the love,” your enterprise could be missing the boat when it comes to understanding the right actions to keep your best and brightest. 

You've likely heard of Gary Chapman's book, “The 5 Love Languages.”

In it, he discusses the five main ways of expressing and receiving love, and how each person has a preferred love language that their partner may not understand.  

We see parallels in this earnest misunderstanding and how enterprises sometimes miss low-hanging fruit in their overall employee retention efforts.  

So, speaking the same IT love language will help you avoid being dumped by your most talented employees as they seek another attractive employer who will better “get” them.  

To stop your employees’ wandering eyes, we present the “3 IT Love Languages” — and how Compucom can help you become fluent in them, providing great experience, technology, and support for employees who will want to stick around.  


Move Them With Great Technology Experiences and Minimal Hassles  

In the distributed digital workplace, technology has top billing as the main means of accomplishing daily tasks, connecting with managers and co-workers, and producing results. Give employees a great technology and service experience that is personalized to their work and location, and they’ll thank you with greater loyalty and productivity 

An employee whose technology works seamlessly throughout their workday also is more likely to finish in time to catch the little league game, make dinner, do a little yoga, or binge-watch the latest series. In short, they’re more likely to have time to live their lives and be a happy, loyal employee that will stay."

At Compucom, we design all our offerings to measure, manage, and continuously improve technology experiences, taking a responsive rather than reactive approach.

"An employee whose technology works seamlessly throughout their workday also is ... more likely to have time to live their lives and be a happy, loyal employee that will stay. "

By having
Experience Management foundational to all our services, we can use measurements such as endpoint telemetry, service metrics, and user-sentiment analysis to develop insights (using AI/ML analytics) and make targeted improvements across our range of services.

There’s a lot to love about the results – like how we can fix pain points in employees’ interactions with technology, ideally before the user is even aware.  


Dazzle Them With the Best Devices and Equipment for the Job  

Our lasting relationships with OEMs mean we can supply your employees with a depth of device choice they’ll appreciate.  

In addition, we can help you define “personas” — detailed definitions of groups of employees who require the same or a similar set of technologies, services, applications, data access, and support — identifying the appropriate tools to get employees productive from the get-go.  

That helps us design an end-to-end Device Lifecycle Service plan to get your employees the latest, best-fit technology and provide value across the enterprise. 


Take Care of Them With Top-Notch Technology Expertise, Available Where and When Needed  

In a recent survey, we found that 89% of remote or hybrid workers would be happier at work if companies invested more in tech and support. Show employees you’re there for them, with a variety of user-defined support options on standby. 

We know that balancing the right combination of live support with automation and self-help tools provides end users with the best channel to fit an issue’s urgency level — delivering a great support experience while keeping your costs low. 

Compucom’s Digital Support and Field Services ensure that your employees, wherever they’re working, will have minimal downtime.  

Show Employees That You Care About Their Experience 

Compucom - Connecting the Dots Whitepaper

To make employees want to stay — measure, manage, and improve the employee experience. 

Download our whitepaper, Connecting the Dots: Experience Technology and the Hybrid Work Environment, to gain new insights, solutions, and recommendations on how to mitigate churn and create a workplace people will love for years to come. 

Book a meeting below to learn how Compucom can help you become silver-tongued in the 3 IT Love Languages.