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Blog: Top 4 Reasons to Integrate Apple in 2020

Blog: Top 4 Reasons to Integrate Apple in 2020

Mac is taking over the office. Usage of Apple in the workplace has increased by 68 percent in recent years, with three out of every four associates specifically requesting Mac as their preferred computer of choice.

The trend shows no sign of slowing down. Mac is not only the device of choice for associates familiar with Apple devices, but there are tangible business benefits, including attracting and retaining top talent, transforming IT into a more customer-centric organization, and positioning your company as more modern, innovative, and forward-thinking.

Here are the top four reasons to integrate Apple into the workplace in 2020:

1) Lower Reliance on IT

Mac users tend to need less IT support than PC users. Only about five percent of Mac users call their IT service desk for tech support. In contrast, 40 percent of PC users generally need some level of support from their IT department. Integrating Apple will reduce your associates' reliance on the IT department – allowing IT to focus on more important tasks in their daily workload – as well as increasing overall associate productivity.

2) Works Seamlessly with Other Platforms

Mac naturally integrates seamlessly with other Apple products such as the iPhone or iPad. Apple products also run apps that your associates use every day, like Microsoft Office and Outlook, as well as company-specific apps and programs. Accessibility features, such as Siri, Voice Over, Dark Mode, and Text to Speech, helps every associate reach peak productivity, regardless of their abilities.

3) Attract and Retain New Talent with Less Downtime

Three-quarters of associates are already asking for Apple in the workplace. These are the products that your associates are using at home – products that your potential new hires already know how to use. Your young talent pool is less-devoted to their place of work and more-devoted to the technology they are offered. Offering devices that your new associates are already using will decrease the time it takes to train them, ultimately increasing productivity at a quicker pace.

4) Device as a Service for Apple

With Device as a Service for Apple, it's easier than ever to support Apple in the workplace. Device as a Service for Apple is a one-stop, complete lifecycle solution for Apple hardware, managed services, consulting, and end-user support. Receive enhanced productivity through Apple's legendary interface and interoperability with unlimited access to hardware – MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac – seamless integration with iPad and iPhone, and support from a dedicated team of Apple experts. Plus, with Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP) included, integrating Apple can be a completely hands-off process.

The increase of Apple devices in the workplace is giving associates a choice and more control over how they work and the devices they are able to work on. Implementing Apple in 2020 will not only make your business more attractive to current and potential associates but will also provide opportunities for increased productivity and cost savings across the spectrum.