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Blog: Sometimes Digital Transformation Requires Help

Blog: Sometimes Digital Transformation Requires Help

Digital transformation gets all the attention in business, but IT leaders know that pushing the culture of an organization to be a nimble disruptor starts with basic infrastructure building blocks.

For example, what if you're stuck with a legacy system that doesn't allow you to use new apps to improve the end-user experience – like Windows 10 features, social media, or chat capabilities? Organizations often want to make faster and better business decisions based on data they've already collected, but they can't analyze it in the way they want because it's locked in a siloed legacy system and in an incompatible format.

IT teams know they have to put the horse back in front of the cart with deployment projects to upgrade legacy systems, but they are often already stretched to capacity with day-to-day operational tasks – or they lack the expertise.

Bring in Help

When IT teams don't have the internal bandwidth to take on a major project, that's the time to turn to a vendor – or vendors – who can do it for you. Sometimes though, that can make your headache even worse if they can't deliver on their promises. Some don't have the expertise they claim or the resources to get it done quickly and with a minimum of disruption. That can be compounded if you're acting as project manager over multiple vendors who start pointing the finger at each other if things start to go wrong. You don't want to find yourself shackled to an outfit that can't deliver.

3 Reasons Why CompuCom is the Right Choice

CompuCom has over 30 years of experience delivering large-scale deployment projects, and we're often called in to pick up the pieces when another company fails to live up to expectations. Here are three reasons why we do it better:

1) Experience, planning, and project management

  • People - To begin with, we simply have the right people for the job. There's a reason why we're recognized as an IT industry leader, and our team has nearly a hundred thousand certifications. 
  • Planning - Our meticulous planning starts with a holistic look at the problems that have to be solved. CompuCom's digital consulting services include listening to the user's needs first - then set out to find business solutions. This strategy results in ideas and products that are far more likely to succeed.
  • Delivery - As a project manager, we choose partners we know and trust, which means you aren't the one searching for specialty vendors and trying to hold them accountable.

2) CompuCom Advanced Configuration Center

Another reason why we're so good at what we do is our massive Advanced Configuration Center in New Jersey. Instead of having equipment shipped to you and requiring you to provide space for us to set it up and stage it, we do all the design, procurement, setup, and testing at our facility first. Then, it's all labeled, bundled on pallets, and loaded into a truck trailer. Items are packed so that the trailer is unloaded in a logical and standardized way. 

The bundle is shipped to our onsite team plug-and-play – which significantly lessens installation time, equipment issues, and overall disruption.

3) Our footprint is huge

CompuCom is not a regional vendor. Our 5,000-plus technicians serve all of North America. That means no matter how many locations you have scattered across the USA and Canada, we're there to help. It dramatically improves response times and means we've got the resources to provide deployment solutions anywhere, on time and on budget. In retail, for example, we frequently do onsite store technology refreshes at the rate of 15 to 25 a day for a single client.

Align Your IT Projects with Your Goals

CompuCom accelerates your business with turn-key, end-to-end IT deployment solutions that provide on-time delivery and adoption. Whether it's an organization-wide Windows 10 migration or large-scale device and technology refresh, we'll drive seamless, secure, and worry-free completion, while you stay on budget with your IT initiatives.