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Blog: Service Desk Support: Your IT Department has Better Things to Do

Blog: Service Desk Support: Your IT Department has Better Things to Do

IT teams today are often overwhelmed with the volume of responsibilities on their plate: constant rollouts, keeping up with end users, and improving the customer experience, all while protecting against unauthorized access and breaches.

Imagine if you could cut down the number of tasks your IT team owns, enabling team members to prioritize and manage the most critical functions to your business without interruption. You can achieve this by partnering with a Service Desk Workplace Managed Services Provider. Here are the ways it can enhance your end-user support and IT team.

Improve Efficiency and Resource Allocation

 Password resets. New hire workstation setups. Software updates. Network connectivity. Printer issues. General how-to questions that pop up in all working environments. These are all relatively routine, "Level 1" issues that IT teams are bombarded with daily – pulling them away from critical and strategic work that can protect and grow your business.

Using a vendor relieves the burden of running from one task to another to put out fires. It better enables your in-house team to focus on what matters most, such as strategically growing your business, without detracting from your organization's productivity. 

Provide 24/7 Service

By using a Service Desk vendor, you not only improve IT's efficiency, but also you expand the potential output of your company. Your organization can rely on 24/7 support rather than waiting on an overtaxed in-house IT team. 

Gone are the days of users waiting for help resetting that pesky password they keep forgetting, or waiting in line to resolve the program that keeps shutting down in the middle of conference calls. Your users can get 24/7 help for all their service needs – regardless of their location, interface, or hour of the day. 

Gain More Visibility into User Habits and Needs

What types of calls or incidents are coming into your Service Desk? Are there trends or emerging problems that you should be aware of? What issues are your users reporting? By giving Service Desk responsibilities to a team that logs and has robust modern tools to analyze this data, you can gain more insight into preferred tool usage, time and cost-saving opportunities, and potential problems before they crop up. 

Using analytics from your Service Desk provider can help your IT team to better understand user behavior , so you can enhance the user experience and save time and money. It can also help you gauge where to invest your IT dollars, such as targeted training programs, mobile apps, or new products. 

Enable Your Team to Scale for High-Priority Initiatives

While your vendor's team is focused on everyday tasks and general user issues, your in-house IT team can prepare and execute business growth initiatives. Outsourcing less impactful tasks frees up your team to strategize and plan to ensure that initiative rollouts go more smoothly and that disruption is minimized. 

Add Experience and Skills to Your IT Team 

Giving your Service Desk work to a savvy, experienced provider enables your IT team to quickly expand its talent and skillsets and strengthen its overall capabilities. An experienced provider is likely to bring decades of experience in working with end users on a variety of technologies and platforms.