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Save Money and More with Device as a Service

Save Money and More with Device as a Service

CompucomEmma Mak •  Staff Writer 

Try it for the cost savings, stay for the better employee experience

To say the last few years have taught business leaders to expect the unexpected is an understatement. 

A CIO’s Superpower: Strategic Cost Cutting

The Economist used the word “permacrisis” to describe the current world outlook. And what can be counted on, such as a likely recession throughout 2023, is generally not positive. In such times, managing uncertainty with smart prioritization for IT spending is a CIO’s superpower.

While the recession in the U.S. will continue to be tempered by a strong labor market and strong household savings, the economic outlook makes cutting costs in IT advisable. But cut in the wrong area, and you could impact your company’s resilience and future growth. So, what should you consider?

Prioritize Good Employee Experiences for Hybrid and Remote Workers

First, offering and supporting hybrid and remote work models gives companies an advantage. That’s in no small part due to another continuing trend: workers, for now, hold the power to demand the work-life balance that remote and hybrid work promises. With America’s labor shortage showing no signs of easing, smart companies will prioritize Employee Experience to keep employees happy and productive; this includes ensuring their day-to-day interactions with technology are optimized.

Other worthwhile priorities include a well-supported distributed workplace, lowered IT costs, and good employee experience to keep your existing workforce (which you may be struggling to fill) as productive as possible.

These are tall orders. Fortunately, the right technology, services, and support can help on all these fronts. And speaking of the ongoing talent shortage, especially in IT roles, CIOs might want to give overloaded IT departments a hand and partner with a Managed Services Provider to reach these goals.

How DaaS Cuts Costs While Elevating Employee Experience

One such solution an MSP offers is Device as a Service (DaaS). DaaS is a subscription model for leasing devices from a service provider rather than purchasing them outright. More than just providing hardware such as laptop computers, smartphones, and tablets for your employees, it offers a comprehensive package of services included in the leasing price for device management, including software, security, and maintenance. 

The following list describes some of the benefits of DaaS through Compucom, a trusted MSP:

  • Cost savings: DaaS can help your enterprise reduce upfront costs, as you don't need to purchase the devices outright. Additionally, the subscription includes cost-effective services for device management and maintenance, further reducing costs
  • Device choice: Users get access to current popular devices from Compucom’s partners, such as Apple®, Intel®, Dell®, HP®, and Lenovo®, and the contract includes a proactive device refresh process
  • Better employee experience: Not only do employees get to use devices they love, they’ll also appreciate the services that can be included, such as seamless onboarding with ready-now devices and personalized support
  • Simplified device management: By leasing devices through Compucom, you can streamline the procurement, deployment, and ongoing management of employees’ devices. We provide a single point of contact for all device-related issues, which reduces the administrative burden on your IT department
  • Scalability: As your enterprise evolves its device needs may also change. With DaaS, you can easily scale your device fleet up or down to meet changing business needs, without having to worry about disposing of or repurposing outdated devices
  • Enhanced security: Daas includes advanced security solutions for device management, such as remote wipe capabilities and device tracking, helping your enterprise ensure devices and data are secure
  • Predictable costs: DaaS uses a fixed monthly subscription fee, which can help you more effectively budget your technology expenses
  • Responsible and secure asset disposal: In-house wiping of sensitive data and disposal of assets in accordance with environmentally responsible requirements
Overall, DaaS can help you simplify device management, reduce costs, and enhance security, making it an attractive option for CIOs navigating uncertainty.

Cut Costs but Keep Your Company Resilient

When considering where to cut costs, it’s vital to evaluate the company’s overall business strategy and goals to identify which components of IT are essential for the company’s growth and success.

Investing in employee experience is a clear winner. Technology and services that keep employees productive and happy will contribute to the company’s success across the board.

Outsourcing to a managed service provider, such as Compucom, gets you managed services, such as DaaS, that are cost-effective and designed around the employee experience. Partnering with us will get you services that help cut costs, improve efficiency, and lighten the burden on your IT team — keeping you resilient and thriving in challenging times.