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Poor Technology Experiences Have Serious Consequences

Poor Technology Experiences Have Serious Consequences

compucom - troy baldwinTroy Baldwin •  Director, Offering Management 


Bad tech is just bad business. Like a slow drip that erodes a mountain, frequent but annoying tech snags eventually add up while wearing down your employee experience (EX). Our survey of remote and hybrid workers highlights this correlation: poor workplace tech experiences have costly consequences, like wasted company time, increased risk, and loss of talent or customers.

When tech is slow, outdated, or causes too many interruptions, it can make work feel awful. That leads to workplace consequences, including: 

1. Wasted Time

Our research, outlined in our own industry report Connecting the Dots: Experience, Technology, and the Hybrid Work Environment, showed relatively minor tech disruptions occur an average of four times a day, lasting roughly 21 minutes for enterprise workers.

While that may seem trivial, it totals a wasted 10.5 workdays a year per employee. 

2. More Work for IT

Older, outdated, and obsolete devices are harder to use, manage and support. IT departments – already stretched thin – will feel the strain as they juggle complex user support and security needs. 

3. Increased Risk

Employees will find workarounds to bad tech. Cybersecurity risk increases when employees use personal devices for work, something two-thirds of our survey respondents admitted to doing to compensate for not having the workplace tech they desire. 

4. Loss of Talent

The buildup of daily technology frustrations eventually kickstarts job searching; in our survey, 41% of employees said they would switch jobs if offered a position with better tech. If ignored, that could lead to losing valuable employees and a tremendous cost to replace them. 


5. Impact on Customers

Most importantly, employee experience and customer experience go hand in hand. Being a dependable partner to customers means having dependable tech. If employees feel disengaged or don't have the tools to do their jobs effectively, that can lead to negative interactions with customers and potential loss of revenue.

Consequences Meet Action — With Actionable EX Insights 

Managed workplace service providers have started focusing on “enabling, enhancing and, most importantly, measuring EX to provide actionable insights,” explains ISG Principal Analyst Mrinal Rai in a whitepaper about Compucom’s approach to experience management.  

This helps enterprise IT teams predict and prevent issues before they can become more significant issues that bother employees, says Rai, adding that Compucom is “well-suited to addressing these client requirements by providing EX insights across key dimensions that ensure employee productivity, support, self-sufficiency, and flexibility.” 

Compucom - Connecting the Dots Whitepaper

It’s true: at Compucom, we design all our offerings to measure, manage, and continuously improve technology experiences.

Our end-to-end managed IT solutions support hybrid employees with uninterrupted productivity, self-service support, on-site field support, and full-lifecycle device management. 

Our whole focus is optimizing the hybrid employee experience through: 

  • Technology choice — giving employees the right tools to be effective  
  • Workplace flexibility — providing a seamless experience no matter where they work 
  • Data security — keeping business-critical data secure  
  • User-defined support — ensuring effective support is always available

Download our report, Connecting the Dots: Experience, Technology, and the Hybrid Work Environment, for an EX deep dive – including a look at how Experience Management provides employers with previously unattainable insights into employees’ technology experiences.