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Partnership Pays Dividends for Our Customers

Partnership Pays Dividends for Our Customers

CompucomEmma Mak •  Staff Writer 

Compucom and Intel: A combined focus on the modern digital workplace 

Our Long-Term Partnership With Intel and the Evolving Workplace 

For over 25 years, Intel and Compucom have partnered to deliver IT solutions for enterprise organizations while focusing on the needs of the evolving workforce; these days, the unique needs of hybrid workers are top-of-mind.

Of course, more remote work means less oversight, so employee success is now more heavily defined by outputs — performance far outweighs presenteeism. And this greater autonomy allows workers to organize their days in ways that improve their work-life balance.

Eager to retain this flexibility, employees understand that it is on them to effectively manage their time and produce results. To this end, workers expect to be well-equipped for productivity and collaboration, enabling them to meet or exceed expectations as they work in the office, in the field, from home, or move between sites. 

Compucom, Intel, and vPro 

In 2007, well before the push to hybrid work, Intel created the vPro brand to provide IT departments with an efficient way to remotely manage and support multiple PCs. PCs on the vPro platform have a vPro-enabled processor, chipset, and BIOS, with several supporting features.

During the same year, Compucom and Intel built a highly successful tool together called End-user Orchestrator, a Windows Desktop remote administration tool to be used by our service desk agents and field techs for providing remote support. Now, nearly 16 years later, the latest vPro platform is poised to deliver even more benefits to our customers.

“We’re pleased to leverage the Intel vPro platform today and look forward to having partnership access to new generations of Intel technologies in the months and years to come.”

Kevin Shank, CEO, Compucom 

Intel vPro and Remote Work

The latest vPro technology offers several improvements for enterprise organizations wanting to provide their distributed workforce:

  • PC stability
  • Comprehensive security
  • High performance
  • Modern remote manageability

Especially helpful for hybrid and remote workers, Intel vPro has powerful remote PC management capabilities. So even if the user has the dreaded blue screen or the OS is completely wiped out, it is possible for a technician to remotely log in to the device and reinstall it. 

Managing the Digital Experience

The experiences of hybrid workers rely heavily on technology. Our Digital Experience Management (XM) services combined with Intel technologies allow us to better understand how a device is used and how it's been treated.

By gathering and analyzing key data points, our experts search for opportunities for our customers to save money, right-size procurement decisions, and optimize device refresh cycles. But it's not just about the device, it's about the user experience. The data gathered also helps us to understand user sentiment and productivity. 

A Partnership for Today and Into the Future 

For many in today's workforce, the first impression of their company won't be arriving at a shiny office tower and stepping into a well-appointed office. Instead, it will be opening a shipping box, setting up their laptop, and connecting remotely from their spare room/home office.

From providing concierge-style device-as-a-service for provisioning and device management to operational support, our partnership with Intel has continued to grow and deliver results for our customers.

For today and the coming years, Intel technologies will continue to be a great fit for the solutions and services that Compucom provides to enterprise organizations. By working together, we will continue to drive improved user experiences and provide high-performing, well-managed, and well-supported technology so our customers will have a leg up over the competition.