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Blog: How to Choose a Managed Services Provider

Blog: How to Choose a Managed Services Provider

Choosing a trusted managed services provider (MSP) can help you focus on your business and not your technology. Whatever's required—devices, connectivity, software, data storage, or security—a reliable managed IT services company will set you up with tech solutions you need and maintain them for a monthly fee. It means you don't have to be a tech expert or have one on staff so you can concentrate on growing your business.

But finding the right provider requires more than just typing "managed services providers near me" into a search engine. You want to be sure that an MSP not only offers the technology you need but the experience and reliability required to deploy and support it. Top managed services providers are there for you 24/7.

If you're currently moving toward managed services, this MSP checklist can help you evaluate which provider will work best for you and your business.


If you need surgery, you're probably going to pick a surgeon who's performed that particular procedure many times. It's the same with managed services providers. It's usually safer to go with a reputable company that's been there and done that—especially if you're trusting them to support your livelihood. Ask a lot of questions about how long they've been in business and what experience they have supporting the kinds of technology you need. Studying an MSP's website can help you gauge competency and effectiveness.

What to Look for:

  • Informative blog posts
  • Downloadable resources
  • Package details
  • Years in the business
  • Certifications
  • Industry partners (eg., Microsoft, Cisco, HP, etc.)

Monitoring and Reporting

Proactive monitoring and analytics offerings are must-have offerings when browsing MSPs. A provider should take preemptive measures to help prevent or resolve issues before they negatively impact your network, potentially causing costly downtime, lost productivity, or security breaches.

What to Look for:

  • Performance health reporting
  • Server OS support and monitoring
  • Automated patch management
  • Device inventory reporting

Advanced Security

Security is just as crucial as proactive monitoring—they go together. As workforces become more distributed and mobile, cybersecurity challenges increase. The stakes are enormous. A data breach can cost even a small business thousands to remediate. When you add the damage to reputation, it can be a devastating blow. To help protect your operation from tech threats, both internal and external, look for and MSP who can put high-level IT security features on the table.

What to Look for:

  • Managed firewall services
  • Email filtering and protection
  • Intelligent advanced threat protection
  • Advanced virus and malware protection
  • Active directory management and user authentication

Fast Response Times

Whether it's dangerous malware, a simple "break/fix" issue, or even a user error, you need quick and efficient IT solutions to keep your business moving. This means backup and recovery services, responsive tech support, and a connectivity backup to keep business-critical network connections operating effectively.

What to Look for:

  • 24/7/365 call or chat support
  • Onsite, on-demand tech support
  • Common off-the-shelf (COTS) software support
  • Workstation backup
  • Wireless failover if landline connectivity goes down


When vetting a prospective managed services company, check that the promised technology infrastructure will evolve as your business does. Solutions should be flexible—meeting your business's specific wants and needs now—while planning ahead for future goals and growth. An MSP should take the time to understand your operation, providing the IT education, advice, and leadership to move your business forward.

What to Look for:

  • Digital road mapping
  • IT assessments
  • Add-on services for tailored solutions

Be Smart About Managed IT Services

There's a lot to consider when evaluating a potential managed services provider. This article is a starting point, but if you want to know more about how an MSP can serve your business, reach out to us at powered by CompuCom. With over 30 years of experience, 100,000+ certifications, and comprehensive Managed IT as a Service offerings, powered by CompuCom understands the ever-evolving world of IT solutions and trends, and we want to help you navigate it.