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How Rugged Devices are Transforming Frontline Industries

How Rugged Devices are Transforming Frontline Industries

The workplace is changing, but the need for productivity is constant. Device flexibility, workplace adaptability, and durable tech solutions are crucial.

Among the most significant by-products of the pandemic has been an increased reliance on technology to not only keep business operations afloat, but as a solution for longstanding workflow inefficiencies.

While every industry has had to respond to the pandemic in some form or another, those operating in the fields of retail, construction, engineering, healthcare, manufacturing and logistics, were hit especially hard – ushering in an immediate need for digital tools and technology to get jobs done safely and effectively.


As a global leader in enterprise mobility and information technology, Samsung products and services are designed to meet the mobility and productivity needs of industries that operate in a wide range of environments, from the field to the office, to the warehouse and the road.

Meet the all-new Samsung Galaxy rugged mobile devices, offering a durable and flexible solution for frontline workers. With customizable features and functionality to support day-to-day tasks and defense-grade security, the Galaxy Rugged series is built to support your work, no matter where or what the job demands.

Warehouse workers need rugged mobile devices that can help them access the required applications without worrying about their device being damaged in the process. They also need mobile devices that consolidate multiple solutions, including applications to digitize their workflows and special features like built-in scanning, minimizing the number of devices they have to carry.

Technology to withstand retail demands

What does the future of retail look like? Based on decades of experience working with many of America’s leading store chains on effective IT solutions and compelling digital platforms, we see clear trends emerging. Currently, we have 48 customers in the retail sector, and over 73% of our retail customers have been with us for more than five years. The average tenure of our retail customers is 13.375 years. While disruption and uncertainty aren’t going away, neither are brick-and-mortar stores. But, because of COVID, the line between online and in-store is rapidly being erased, and customers expect to be able to buy where they want, and when they want to.

Forward-thinking retailers have worked on improving omnichannel strategies for years. But the pandemic shifted more customers than ever to digital-first engagements. And with e-commerce on the rise, retailers need technology solutions to help them fulfill a growing number of orders and keep track of inventory. While many retail tasks can be automated, moving products will always require people.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active rugged family, which consists of the Galaxy Tab Active Pro and Galaxy Tab Active3 tablets, come with Knox Capture enterprise-grade barcode scanning technology. With the touch of a programmable button, retail workers have a multi-purpose scanning solution at their fingertips to help them complete fulfillment requests efficiently, with a process as intuitive as snapping a photo.

Combined with Compucom’s services to manage devices using cloud-based modern endpoint management, Samsung rugged devices features include:

Key FeaturesEmployees need the right devices to be productive. Your business needs a simple way to manage those devices. Compucom’s partnership with Samsung provides both, improving productivity and efficiency.

Better Associate Experience, Improved Customer Satisfaction

In a world where workers expect technology and support that rival what they use in their private lives, organizations also need that consumer-like experience to inspire creativity, productivity, and seamless collaboration. The challenge is delivering a comprehensive package of device choice, robust support, and proactive lifecycle management—all meeting sustainability goals.

As a Samsung Silver Partner and a rated Leader in Managed Digital Workplace Services by both ISG and Nelson Hall, and a Disruptor by Avasant, Compucom is qualified to manage Samsung devices from procurement and deployment, to support and disposal. We manage device configuration, enrollment, advanced mobile security controls and updates, providing mobility software for every stage of the device lifecycle.

Compucom is a digital workplace managed services provider with decades of experience providing technology services to enterprise customers. We serve 4.7 million end users, support 7.5 million devices, and deploy more than 2 million hardware devices a year. With us, you’re not juggling multiple vendors. We’re a single-source provider for end-to-end lifecycle management from procurement through retirement, leveraging our Advanced Configuration Centers and in-house IT Asset Disposition.

68% of enterprise workers believe they’re more productive when they’re allowed to select their own device

Samsung Rugged

End-to-end Mobile Device Management

We believe that having the right collaboration tools will keep your organization better connected and more productive. With our Endpoint Management Services, we can provide you with the ability to provision, configure, and manage your endpoints with the management backbone for your digital workplace. Get intelligent tools that allow employees to work where and how they want, including a platform where they can meet, chat, call, and collaborate in one place.

Seamlessly connect a distributed workforce with the apps and data needed to be productive at any time, from anywhere, using any internet-connected device is the end goal of modern endpoint management. We deliver an end-user focus that promotes device choice, out-of-the-box thinking, productivity, and collaboration.

By updating your devices with more frequent and strategic timelines, you can positively impact productivity, energy efficiency, and security. We can be your one-stop-shop to help ensure positive employee experiences where your organization has access to peripherals that allow them to be efficient and productive. We can source the workplace technology you want and support it through its entire lifecycle, so you don’t have to.