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Help Workers Wherever They Are with Intel Tool in CompuCom Self Healing

How we work is experiencing profound changes. Over seventy percent of workers globally say they work remotely at least once a week. Behind this trend are recent studies that show that the cost of living in major cities continues to climb, precipitating an increase in the number of valuable employees that are moving to less expensive places to live and still expect to be able to build their careers with organizations that can be hundreds—if not thousands—of miles away.

That is challenging IT teams who now face supporting and securing a huge diversity of devices scattered over vast geographic areas. It's not just remote workers. There's a dizzying array of other technology that must be managed ranging from Internet of Things (IoT) devices to retail Point of Sale terminals.

Through it all, workers expect technology to "just work" so that they can be as efficient as possible with minimal downtime, and they get frustrated when it doesn't.

Meet Digital Workplace Expectations with Self Healing Technology

With so many support challenges in front of them, IT teams need to automate and reduce their workloads—while still giving end users the best user experience and support possible. For example, CompuCom® Self Healing TechnologyTM uses artificial intelligence and automation in its ASCEND® digital framework to detect and solve common IT problems—often before users are aware of the issue. Say there's a network connectivity breakdown that can be solved with a simple device reset. Self Healing can do that in the background without dispatching a technician so downtime gets cut from potentially hours to just minutes—or even seconds.

The AI in Self Healing Technology is always learning by examining data from end user actions and error messages to find ways to improve the automation—so it constantly gets better.

Intel® vPro™ platform Endpoint Management Assistant with Self Healing Technology™ Capabilities

CompuCom has teamed up with Intel to add its Endpoint Management Assistant (EMA) to Self Healing for a whole new level of remote manageability. Intel's Active Management Technology is hardware-based and works with Intel's vPro processors to do things that are not possible with software-based remote management systems to fix a wider range of problems—even if a computer's operating system is down.

Features include:

  • Power management - remotely recycle power of a device, possibly hung during boot or shutdown, for support even if no end user is present.
  • Remote keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) - technicians can interact with a device as if they're sitting in front of it—even through reboots that are often necessary during servicing.
  • Wake and patch - the system can wake a device from the off state if it's not in compliance to install updates and patches before turning it off again.
  • Remote diagnostics and maintenance - remotely troubleshoot devices experiencing errors preventing Windows to launch successfully enabling faster diagnosis and resolution times that traditionally would have required a technician to be dispatched—including reimaging and OS updates.
  • Asset Tracking - using Geofencing we can track an asset's location and if it's outside an approved area, we can trigger automation ranging from a less invasive prompting to a more invasive secure wiping of the device. 

“The ability to remotely access, diagnose and repair client systems is becoming an increasingly important part of how we ensure our clients’ success, and Intel’s vPro EMA provides the functionality to do it easily and effectively,” noted CompuCom President Mick Slattery. “As Intel releases updates with new features, we’ll be able to quickly integrate those into the ASCEND and Self Healing Technology platforms, providing another major benefit to our customers.”

Support Your Workers Wherever They Are

With Self Healing and Intel EMA, CompuCom can proactively manage your Intel vPro devices inside or outside the corporate firewall to improve that way companies serve their employees and customers, wherever they are. Layered with traditional assistance like Service Desk, Self Healing supports end users in exactly the way they want to be supported with a mobile app that includes chat capability and self-help options. 

As the nature of work evolves—becoming increasingly dominated by remote employees working at all hours—you need the best tools to drive collaboration, productivity, and end user satisfaction.

Workers expect technology to "just work" so that they can be as efficient as possible with minimal downtime, and they get frustrated when it doesn't.

Meet the Author


Traci Taylor

Digital Strategy Director

Traci serves as CompuCom's Digital Strategy Director. She's been a Digital Workplace innovator for over 25 years working in end-user services and endpoint engineering.