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Transforming Operations: Harnessing the Power of AIOps and Digital Experience Management

Transforming Operations: Harnessing the Power of AIOps and Digital Experience Management

CompucomEmma Mak •  Staff Writer

Digital technologies such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) have unleashed enticing new possibilities for businesses. But they have also made enterprise IT infrastructures increasingly complex, especially with hybrid and multi-cloud environments.  

What's the answer to this complexity? It's Digital Experience Management (XM) and Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps). The effective implementation of these toolsets can help tremendously reduce technical complexity, allowing companies to get a better handle on the IT aspect of their business. 

XM: Engaged, Productive Employees 

XM is all about the users — it measures and improves how employees interact and perceive the digital tools and systems they work with daily, helping companies provide seamless, user-friendly experiences. When companies invest in XM, they’re prioritizing and promoting employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

Ideally, XM should collect useful user data, such as endpoint telemetry, service and support metrics, event sensors, targeted surveys, and user sentiment analysis. Then, performance indicators should be generated, which are analyzed against the dimensions of a successful digital workplace – technology-enabled workers, self-sufficient workers, well-supported workers, and workplace flexibility.

“Each dimension is really a view of a set of indicators with a corresponding score. Each rates an important aspect of an employee's perceived ability to work productively. Through these four dimensions, reporting is enriched, and XM is more easily matched to your business goals and outcomes.”

Troy Baldwin, Compucom's Director of Experience Management

AIOps: Reduced Downtime, Cost, and Risk 

AIOps, on the other hand, is focused on IT infrastructure. It helps IT teams improve the efficiency and reliability of their company's IT management and processes. The ongoing goals are reduced downtime, costs, and risk.

By automating and streamlining IT tasks and helping collect and organize the massive amounts of data generated by IT Operations, AIOps frees up your IT talent and boosts their capabilities for smarter and faster incident resolution, root cause analysis, and capacity planning.

“Over time, AIOps can automate more and more mundane tasks for IT teams. While they remain aware of problems that arise and their solutions and outcomes, time and money are freed up for more valuable work.

Each day, IT teams have large amounts of data thrown at them, and it’s hard to see what’s relevant. AIOps cleans that up so they can focus on what really needs attention — and it presents the data they need to connect the dots quickly, get to the root of the issue, and fix the problem.”

Brent Asbil, Compucom's VP of Sales

Compucom’s Matrix platform: XM + AIOps 

XM and AIOps use AI and automation, but they have different goals and perspectives. Both technologies are complementary and important for achieving digital transformation and organizational success.  

Compucom’s experience and automation platform, Matrix, combines XM and AIOps. We’ve made Matrix central to our services portfolio, providing smart insights and improvements for our managed services to deliver better user digital experiences and optimized IT Operations. 

We Focus on Your Business Outcomes  

While we are an IT services provider, our customers understand that we're not just there to help them with technology. Our customers, many of them long-term, benefit from our focus on and understanding of their business.

As Brent Asbil illustrates, “You may have an issue, for example, at a bank branch, that possibly spans the networking and security towers. By combining different aspects together to create a business view within our AIOps toolset, we can create visibility into all the infrastructure that matters for a branch location. We can help customers bring those towers together to solve the issue swiftly and effectively.”

This is also true of our XM solution; we encourage our customers to focus XM efforts on the tools and systems most closely linked to desired business outcomes so that they’ll reap the most benefits.

Our Matrix experience and automation platform helps you leverage the latest digital technologies without getting bogged down by technical complexity, setting you up for success and resulting in optimized IT operations and an improved digital employee experience.