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Future Ready – HP’s New Portfolio of AI Devices

Future Ready – HP’s New Portfolio of AI Devices

CompucomLesley Andrews •  Vice President, Partner Alliances

Migrate now: HP makes its case at Amplify Partner Conference 2024

As those even remotely tuned into today’s IT landscape know — the hot topic is artificial intelligence (AI). It was no different at the HP Amplify Partner Conference that I attended in Las Vegas earlier this month. But at the event, the global technology leader made it clear they’re not just paying lip service to a buzzword — they’re rolling out innovations now to empower customers to fully harness the benefits of AI.  

Traditionally, HP announces one or two new devices at these events. However, this year, they are leading the charge with the industry’s most extensive fleet refresh, including 100 AI-enabled solutions, all geared toward unlocking new levels of productivity and collaboration in the hybrid era.  

What’s the big deal about AI PCs? They bring AI workloads from the cloud to the device, eliminating the round trip to the cloud over the network. The result? Lower costs and enhanced privacy and security. HP’s strategic move underscores the transformative potential of AI in shaping the future of computing. 

The New Lineup of PCs

HP’s new lineup includes the latest HP Elite and Pro PC solutions with AI capabilities powered by Intel® Core™ Ultra 5 and 7 processors or next-generation AMD Ryzen™ PRO processors with dedicated neural processing units (NPUs). NPUs play a crucial role in enhancing AI performance and efficiency in PCs.

Reasons to Migrate Now

So, should you hang back and wait for these AI devices to roll out? Well, you could be missing out on potential gains. Here are three reasons forward-thinking IT leaders will act now to provide AI capability at the edge for their workforce.

1. Start experimenting with AI to stay ahead of competitors

AI productivity apps and tools streamline routine tasks and reduce human error. They free up your employees for the creative and strategic work they enjoy, and that helps the company the most. For example, Microsoft 365 Copilot can automate summarizing documents, starting presentations, and managing emails.

To get valuable insights and identify trends, it helps to analyze massive datasets quickly. AI can boost data-driven decision-making to help put your best foot forward.

2. Creating better relationships with work

HP CEO Enrique Lores emphasized that HP focuses on “the combination of AI and hybrid work and how we are going to be able to improve productivity.” But HP also believes that AI can be the key to helping create better relationships with work – something badly needed.

Findings from the HP Work Relationship Index, a survey of thousands of respondents from a dozen countries, show that the relationship with work is strained, and employee expectations are rising. The good news is that 76 percent of workers believe AI can enhance job satisfaction, with 55 percent of knowledge workers believing AI will create new opportunities to enjoy work and make their jobs more interesting.

3. Windows 10 end of support is coming, and all companies must be Windows 11-ready

The Windows 10 end-of-support date is 14 October 2025. After this, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates, bug fixes, or technical support for any version of Windows 10. Many companies will need significant hardware upgrades to move to Windows 11 and ensure their fleet does not become increasingly vulnerable to security threats or out of compliance with industry regulations and standards.

It’s crucial to plan for migration well before the deadline so that moving to Windows 11 will go smoothly for your company. (We can help!) And moving to Windows 11 now means your workforce can take advantage of AI integration across various facets of Windows 11, including Copilot, passkeys, and graphics processing unit (GPU) support.

Get Future-Ready with HP and Compucom

At the HP Amplify Partner Conference 2024, the main message was “Future Ready – United We Win.”. We enjoyed keynote sessions from industry leaders, including Microsoft, Intel, NVIDIA, AMD, Qualcomm, and Google/Alphabet. All were on the same page with HP – hybrid systems and generative AI will power the future of work. It was exciting to see the unveiling of a host of new products and solutions from our long-term partner. We look forward to bringing these next-generation PCs to our customers.  

Compucom's experience implementing solutions across various industries has given us the expertise to make product recommendations and map out a best-fit technology solution for your situation. Using us for hardware procurement will help you manage and reduce product and operational costs and meet your sustainability goals. Our focus is delivering complete technology solutions — the right products that will work best in your environment, backed by the right services, to provide the best user experience and keep your workforce future-ready.