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Better Tech, Happier Teams

Better Tech, Happier Teams

IT industry summit highlights the importance of employee experience management

It was a long time coming, but well worth the wait: our first Advisor Day at Compucom since the pandemic!

In an exciting in-person meeting of the minds — attended by experts from some of the leading analyst firms in the industry — we explored how the digital workplace has changed, why the employee technology experience is so critical, and how we’re optimizing the experience to help customers succeed.  

Digital Employee Experience Leads Conversations 

Our world of work has changed forever. Technology is more distributed than ever before — and so are employees. For enterprises to succeed today, the digital employee experience must be at the center of your technology strategy. 

Our new research supports this. We presented advisors with a preview of Compucom’s Workforce and Tech Experience Survey, which directly connects the employee experience with a company’s technology — underscoring that the better your IT, the happier and more productive your workers.  

On the flip side, we also know that people are far more frustrated if provided with disappointing tech at work — the kind that leads to annoying interruptions, or difficulty accessing resources while working remotely. They're even likely to look for another job because of it.

A key takeaway here: if poor (and easily preventable) technology experiences go uncorrected, that costs employers time, money, and talent. 

Enhancing the employee experience has become key to boosting individual productivity and retaining talent, but also to the success of the entire organization.  

Moving to XLAs with the Customer Experience Office 

Our survey findings led to a discussion about experience level indicators (XLIs). How do we know whether a customer is having the ideal experience? And then how do we ensure that result?

At Compucom, we’ve spent years developing the right metrics to gauge user experience and sentiment in the hybrid workplace. Our XLIs are categorized across four dimensions, each representing an aspect of the digital employee experience: 

  • Technology Choice: access to the latest devices, data, and services that best fit employees' work style and needs, with the ability to integrate personal technology if desired. 
  • Self-Sufficiency: ability to complete most tasks independently, which have been simplified through technology and automation 
  • User Support: access to trusted, experienced support representatives, reachable through multiple channels 
  • Workplace Flexibility: access to the technology, services, and security necessary to be productive, regardless of work location 

We pull telemetry, persona, and service data from our customers, then score their experiences within these dimensions — giving us a clearer picture into where services can improve.

Those XLIs will translate into XLAs with the help of the Customer Experience Office (CXO). That's a team dedicated to helping the customer make improvements and resolve issues faster, based upon all this experience data.  

But measuring the experience is just part of the equation. The key to successful outcomes is in our ability to continuously improve services and manage experiences.  

Advisor Day Wall Quote

 Distributing the technology is the first step 

Our research shows that employees want flexibility in where and when they work, and they want a choice in the technology they use every day.

How you get that technology into their hands matters, too. 

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What better way to illustrate Compucom’s strengths in end-to-end technology asset management than with a tour of our state-of-the-art Advanced Configuration Center, a Class D-certified facility, just outside of Philadelphia. 

Our guests got an up-close view of the sprawling facility, where techs configure and ship more than 471,000 devices each year enabling us to deliver the devices customers want most, exactly when and where they need it.

It was a pleasure to welcome analysts on-site to demonstrate why no other company is as well-positioned to help enterprises succeed.

Compucom is the technology services provider for today's hybrid work world. An innovative partner to manage the IT experience from beginning to end.  

We're singularly focused on creating seamless digital technology experiences for our customers, and their employees – and we're doing it with bold moves, at scale. 



Read the highlights from the Workforce and Tech Experience Survey — then book a meeting with us to explore how you can optimize your hybrid employee experience.