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Exciting Times in Healthcare: Digital Innovation Takes Center Stage at HIMSS and ViVE 2024

Exciting Times in Healthcare: Digital Innovation Takes Center Stage at HIMSS and ViVE 2024

CompucomNancy Outcalt •  Sr. Account Executive

At the beginning of each year, we attend two important healthcare conferences, ViVE and HIMSS. These lively events allow us to come together with a dedicated community of healthcare thought leaders, connect with our existing and future customers, and learn what healthcare providers are prioritizing for the upcoming year.

2024 is an exciting time. A rapid surge in digital transformation over the past few years, spurred by the necessity of dealing with 2020 and the ensuing rise of patient expectations — mixed with innovations such as 5G, cloud technologies, and artificial intelligence (AI) — means that revolutionary improvements in healthcare delivery are not far away.

As I reflect on the many interesting speakers, exhibits, and discussions from ViVE and HIMSS, my main takeaway was the three main goals healthcare providers are focused on for 2024:

  • Realizing the full benefits of AI to revolutionize healthcare
  • Enhancing the digital user experience for clinicians and patients
  • Enabling remote patient care 

Realizing the Full Benefits of AI to Revolutionize Healthcare  

Both ViVE and HIMSS spotlighted AI’s transformative potential in healthcare. The future holds promising advancements in improved patient outcomes and operational efficiency. From aiding personalized treatment and revolutionizing cancer treatment and surgical procedures to more practical applications such as transforming healthcare payment systems, the term AI was on everyone’s lips.

Nancy Outcalt and Marc Caponegro at HIMSS 2024 Marc Caponegro at HIMSS 2024

Nancy Outcalt and Marc Caponegro, Compucom Sr. Account Executives

As a managed services provider (MSP), we were excited to talk to healthcare leaders about the benefits of AI to their staff's digital experience and its ability to optimize IT operations. Our experience and automation platform combines Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) and Digital Experience Management (XM) to drive transformation, innovation, and continuous process improvement throughout your IT environment. From increasing reliability and performance of devices to faster and more accurate root cause analysis for infrastructure issues, we help ease the burden on IT teams and help healthcare providers go beyond the buzzword to real-world AI benefits.

Enhancing the Digital User Experience for Healthcare Staff and Patients

Ongoing workforce shortages and staff burnout were addressed at both ViVE and HIMSS. With ViVE 2024 making nursing leaders a focal point. Interactions with technology shouldn’t add to the burden healthcare workers face. When staff have reliable tablets, smartphones, and laptops, can stay connected to an optimized network, and have technical support when they need it, they have more time to focus on what matters – their patients.

Compucom’s XM collects useful user experience data, such as endpoint telemetry, service and support metrics, event sensors, targeted surveys, and user sentiment analysis. We generate performance indicators from the data, which are then analyzed against our four dimensions of a successful digital workplace: making sure workers are technology-enabled, self-sufficient, well-supported, and have workplace flexibility. We then measure and improve our services against these dimensions.

Technology failures exacerbate workplace stress. Having XM to monitor digital employee experiences can identify pain points before they become an issue for healthcare staff, lowering stress levels.  

Enabling Remote Patient Care

Ensuring people in remote regions receive the same quality of clinical services as those in urban areas is why there was a big focus on enabling remote patient care at the conferences.  

Now that 5G has rolled out, it is starting to revolutionize remote patient care. Telemedicine has faced limitations due to slow internet connections. 5G's capabilities allow for improved communication between clinicians and patients with smoother video calls. Remote patient monitoring opens the potential for doctors to access real-time data from monitoring equipment (such as heart monitors) from patients in their homes.  

5G phones are now mainstream, and every year, more and more 5G native devices are released. Samsung and Apple offer 5G tablets, and 5G laptops are becoming increasingly available, with Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung all offering them as an option.

We were excited to discuss our recent strategic partnership with T-Mobile for Business Advanced Network Industry Solutions with attendees at the conferences. As healthcare tech leaders investigate 5G private networks to prepare for the future of healthcare, device readiness is a major consideration, and our technology sourcing and device services can help.  

Exciting Times for Healthcare

I enjoyed connecting with healthcare IT leaders attending HIMSS and ViVE this year — it was clear that innovation is alive and thriving in healthcare. We are seeing some amazing technological advances that will dramatically improve healthcare access equality and patient outcomes. Advancements that could only be dreamed of are finally coming to fruition. At Compucom, we look forward to partnering with healthcare providers to enable this new reality.