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Device Services and Wi-Fi 6E for Healthcare Providers

Device Services and Wi-Fi 6E for Healthcare Providers

CompucomEmma Mak •  Staff Writer 

How to Improve Operational Efficiency

With good patient experience linked to higher profitability for healthcare providers, you don’t want to walk by a hospital staffer dealing with a patient and hear them say, “Sorry to make you wait, the system is slow” or “Bear with me; my laptop is having issues today.”  

Poorly performing networks and devices used by healthcare staff impact many areas of your operational framework, such as the Internet of Medical Things (IoT), Electronic Medical Records (EMR) management, and medical billing software, leaving your staff and patients frustrated. 

Outsourcing some duties to a reliable MSP is better for your staff, who will appreciate the hassle-free experiences user-centric IT services bring, and your IT department, who will be freed up for emergencies and more strategic work that helps you further improve patient experience.

When it comes to operational efficiency, two areas to focus on are better management of end-user devices and optimizing your wireless infrastructure.  

Device Services: Streamline Maintenance of Applications and Devices

A lot of an IT department's time is spent troubleshooting hardware, software, and security, so using an MSP such as Compucom to take on much of this burden has substantial benefits. Compucom’s Device Services combine support services and project services (such as workshops and assessments) with Unified Endpoint Management and Device Lifecycle Services.

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM): Visibility for All Devices With Access to Your Network 

UEM is a comprehensive approach to managing all endpoints within an organization, including mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

By combining elements of mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), and traditional endpoint management, UEM acts as a “single pane of glass,” giving your organization visibility to the devices that have access to its network and optimizing many day-to-day duties of your IT department.  

UEM has several operational efficiency benefits for healthcare including:

  • Flexibility

    Staff can securely access patient data and medical records on any device through corporate apps using MDM and MAM policies or delivered as virtual desktops and applications.

  • Enhanced Security and Compliance

    By maintaining device and data security with compliance and conditional-access policies, UEM can help you keep sensitive patient data secure and meet industry regulations such as HIPAA.

  • Increased Productivity

    UEM automates routine tasks and provides self-service options to users, increasing productivity and reducing the burden on your internal IT team.

  • Better Inventory Management

    Healthcare providers need to manage a variety of device types across departments. UEM can help keep track of inventory and monitor and optimize device usage to reduce costs.

  • Simplified Update and Patch Management

    UEM can automate installing the latest software updates to maintain the health and security of devices.

  • Resolution of Issues Before the User is Impacted

    As part of Compucom’s Experience Management solution, endpoint analytics help detect problems, configuration drift, or out-of-compliance conditions and, in some cases, can automatically correct the issue and avoid impacting the user. 

Device Lifecycle Services

Compucom’s Device Lifecycle Services are a package of services that help get the most out of your organization’s devices throughout their lifecycle — from procurement to disposal. Designed to optimize employee experience, the services deliver device choice, readily available support, proactive device management, and sustainable disposal practices. These services include:

  • Planning and Procurement

    We analyze your requirements, make purchasing recommendations, and negotiate with our partner OEMs, such as HP®, Lenovo®, Apple®, and Intel®.

  • Configuration and Deployment

    Devices such as laptops, desktops, and tablets are delivered and ready to go on day one. This extends to any needed physical infrastructure such as routers, switches, servers, and racks.

  • Repair, Refurbish, and Redeploy

    Through our Advanced Exchange model, employee device issues are resolved rapidly. A replacement is shipped the same day, and the used device is returned for rapid repair and refurbishment.

  • IT Asset Disposition Services (ITAD)

    Our in-house ITAD services in our secure Advanced Configuration Centers increase asset management accuracy and decrease liability. We ensure data wiping and recycling of retired equipment is in accordance with all guidelines and regulations. 

Wi-Fi 6E Adoption and Optimization: Improve Network Efficiency

There are an ever-increasing number of wireless devices in hospitals. Devices for communicating patient records, performing real-time data analysis, and monitoring patients are improving healthcare but are in a constant battle for resources. It makes for a congested network; every device may not be serviced efficiently, resulting in slow speeds, dropped packets, and connection loss.  

“Wi-Fi 6E is the catalyst that will enable our vision of next-generation healthcare and patient experiences.” – 

“Wi-Fi 6E is the catalyst that will enable our vision of next-generation healthcare and patient experiences.”

– Allen Rider, Chief Wireless Network Architect at Novant Health
Source: Wi-Fi6 Insights

Wi-Fi 6E includes the 6 GHz band, which greatly benefits IoT devices. The additional spectrum, lower latency (time it takes a packet to go from source to destination), and faster data rates for high-bandwidth applications make Wi-Fi 6E the best option for healthcare. There’s also the added benefit of more security and encryption capabilities in the 6 GHz bands.  

An MSP with expertise in IT infrastructure such as Compucom has a Professional Services team who can evaluate your current capabilities and work with you to develop a plan for an update to Wi-Fi 6E. We can also advise you on how best to manage adoption for your endpoints, security protocols, and operation procedures. 

Compucom: A One-Stop Shop for All Your IT Needs and a Trusted Partner

During these challenging times for healthcare, an MSP can be your greatest ally for optimizing patient experience and reaching new levels of IT efficiency.  

A recognized MSP such as Compucom, with strong OEM relationships and a broad range of services, including professional services and IT staffing, streamlines and reduces costs for your organization. By getting multiple services from one provider, you simplify IT and gain a strategic partner who deeply understands your operations and can add value to all aspects of your business. Lean on us for all things IT and free your organization to focus on what’s most important — saving and improving patient lives.