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Desktop as a Service: Freedom and Flexibility for Your Workforce

Desktop as a Service: Freedom and Flexibility for Your Workforce

CompucomCarmen Juggassar •  Staff Writer 

6 Benefits of this Viable Digital Transformation Strategy

Effective Digital Transformation for Your Hybrid Workforce

Optimizing technology for your hybrid workforce is like transforming from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Progressing to modern workplace technology is akin to developing wings; it empowers your workforce with the freedom to work productively from anywhere.

Just like metamorphosis, digital transformation can be an arduous process. It should be carefully planned and executed — partnering with an experienced managed services provider (MSP) can help.

The Benefits of DaaS

For a cost-effective, efficient digital transformation initiative, you may want to look at Desktop as a Service (DaaS). It’s a cloud computing model in which a third party, such as a managed services provider (MSP), hosts and manages the virtual desktop environment, including the operating system, applications, and data. With DaaS, users can access their virtual desktops remotely from anywhere.

DaaS offers an efficient, flexible way to deliver desktop computing resources that will provide your users with an accessible, secure, and consistent desktop experience, all while reducing infrastructural management.

Key benefits of DaaS include:

  • Cost Savings – DaaS can help you implement “bring your own device” strategies and extend the lifespan of your older devices by leveraging the processing power of virtual desktops. Also, it reduces the upfront costs of expensive hardware because the DaaS provider hosts and manages the virtual infrastructure. A predictable, consumption-based subscription model moves costs from capital to operating expenditures.

  • Security – It improves security by centralizing applications and data in a controlled environment. Storage in the cloud reduces the risk of bad actors accessing sensitive information, even if a device has been lost or stolen.

  • Flexibility & Scalability – DaaS provides employees the flexibility to access their work on multiple devices, such as a desktop, laptop, or tablet, from any location. Companies can quickly add or remove virtual desktops based on current needs — no need for manual hardware provisioning.

  • Centralized Management – With DaaS, everything can be centralized, even security, making it easier for your IT to maintain control and secure data.

  • Accessibility – Your virtual desktops can be accessed from any device.

  • Access to Advanced Features – DaaS providers often offer additional capabilities and features that might be complex or expensive if implemented in an on-premises environment.  

Now that you know the benefits of DaaS, it's imperative that you know who can help transform your organization from end to end.  

DaaS and Your Digital Transformation Journey

Wanting your organization to evolve and do it in an efficient and cost-effective way is entirely understandable. We understand that in order to make this big move seamless for your organization and employees, it is better to do it with a managed service provider.

Let our experts help. By choosing Compucom as your MSP, we believe you'll be off to a great start dis DaaS and with your digital transformation initiatives.