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Click & Collect is Here to Stay: Retailers Embrace Automated Tech

Click & Collect is Here to Stay: Retailers Embrace Automated Tech

Compucom - Heather Lockhart CMOHeather Lockhart •  CMO 

Automation is changing the in-store experience for the better, and some tech firms predict it will be an $8.4 billion industry by 2030.

Today's consumers expect more from retailers. A lot more. They want frictionless checkout (in a variety of ways), the best prices, a smooth in-store experience, and real-time visibility into everything from inventory and shipment tracking.

A report from ABI Research predicts we'll see more automated in-store technologies in the coming year, as businesses look to enhance operations and streamline their supply chain.

“Beyond enabling rapid fulfillment/restocking or automated inventory management, these technologies also provide additional data points for precise demand and procurement planning,” explains report author Adhish Luitel.

Expect to see more Investment in contactless checkout, wearables, handheld POS devices and smart shopping carts. And yes, even in-store robots, can be used for inventory management, floor clean-up, and security.

"Click and Collect" Tech

Of all the latest advances, “click and collect” or “buy online, pick up in store” (known as BOPIS) technologies are the favorite with consumers.

Customers love it because it gives the best of both worlds: convenient online shopping and a local store experience. BOPIS raises the tantalizing possibility of placing a mobile order from the couch and making a short drive to pick up the desired item now.

According to a commissioned Forrester Consulting study conducted on behalf of Shopify, 45% of consumers said it was important or very important to be able to buy online and pick up their items in a physical store. 

BOPIS is a relatively "low-hanging fruit" for businesses to deploy, with plenty of benefits. As IBM explains, BOPIS tech offers quicker order fulfillment, eliminates shipping costs and helps reduce excess inventory.

However, they advise, businesses will need a plan to synch their modern order management technology and e-commerce systems with an inventory visibility solution to streamline the order management process.

Accelerate Retail Transformation with the Right Tech Partner

How you implement new technology into your retail space makes all the difference. Choosing a partner with the right experience and know-how is important, especially if you haven't yet invested in automation. 

Many of the Fortune 500's top retail businesses trust us to manage — and automate — their workplace tech solutions, from the sales floor to the head office​.

As a leader in digital workplace services with a strong local presence across North America, Compucom is uniquely positioned as a source to help you enhance the digital experience while we produce the right business outcomes at scale.