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Building Trust Through Partnerships

Building Trust Through Partnerships

CompucomCarmen Juggassar •  Staff Writer 

3 Major Ways Our OEM Partnerships Help Our Customers 

Trust is like glass. It is fragile, easily broken, and almost impossible to put back together once shattered. The same is true of business partnerships. But if built right and handled with care, partnerships can be highly beneficial, robust, and long-lasting. 

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Partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) offers many compelling advantages. According to a recent IT trends report, MSPs are seen as valuable, with 69.8% saying their use of an MSP has resulted in better security, 52.8% reporting a better employee experience, 37.4% saying it has made their IT jobs easier, and 32.5% saying it makes them more effective at managing IT. 

Your Partner's Partners: OEMs

Your choice in MSP should have strong, long-term Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) partners, as those relationships will bring reassurance about the effectiveness of a potential provider and the benefits they can deliver to your business.

When a company has OEM partners, they often have greater access to training and support and may collaborate with them to produce products or solutions. The benefits of an MSP that partners with top brands are extensive.

  • Reputation — Long-term partnerships with leading brands indicate a careful selection process on each side and a positive track of working together to offer effective solutions
  • Quality Control — Close partners will have similar quality control measures and adherence or certification to industry standards
  • Product Warranties and Support – Partnerships with OEMs often ensure a higher level of reliable customer support and strong product warranties

The benefits of choosing an MSP that has a trusting relationship with well-known OEMs are essential to keeping your employees effective and efficient while working. Plus, the opportunity for reduced costs is always a win.

“Our OEM partners are crucial to our success. In partnership, we bring new and innovative solutions to the market, leveraging their best-of-breed technology and Compucom's extensive service capabilities to ensure our customers continue to meet their ever-changing demands. Our partners work alongside us in an environment where technology changes rapidly to bring innovation and enhanced capabilities to the marketplace.”

Lesley Andrews, Compucom's Vice President, Strategic Partners, and Alliances

Experienced in Building Trust 

Partnering with a complete lifecycle, end-to-end MSP that can provide you with integrated solutions and strategies for your digital workplace is essential in today's business environment. The trust we have built over the last 35 years with our customers and partners has been, without a doubt, our best investment.

It is important that we provide our customers with a simplified way of getting everything they need while also providing choices through what we call our OEM Distribution Partners Alliance Network. We have relationships and supply chain logistics with over 300 OEMs.

As an OEM independent reseller, we can provide you with any required product. And our supply chain team works with our customers and OEMs to maximize product discounts for regular purchase activity, special projects, or single purchases.  

Our major partners include:

  • Apple
  • Cisco
  • Dell
  • HP
  • HPE
  • Lenovo
  • Microsoft

When choosing the right IT service provider, you need to know who their partners are, so long term, you know who will be helping you drive the desired results.  

Trust and Partnership 

There must be a high level of transparency and trust when it comes to any type of partnership. Over the years, we have worked to develop and maintain deeply rooted relationships with our OEMs and with our customers. 

We believe that by choosing Compucom, you are getting the right MSP for your business. When you partner with us, you essentially partner with OEMs, as we bring our long-term OEM relationships. It’s a win-win.