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Blog: IT Vendor Consolidation May Give You a Security Advantage

Blog: IT Vendor Consolidation May Give You a Security Advantage

While there are plenty of reasons to consolidate when it comes to IT vendor management—cost-to-value ratio and increased efficiencies among them—one of the most important reasons may be IT security. Why? Because a single vendor that offers all the pieces of a comprehensive security strategy can help eliminate the loopholes that an attacker can get through.

The Ransomware Example

Ransomware attacks—where hackers encrypt an organization's critical data and demand a ransom to unlock it—have surged over the past couple of years. You might think that the best defense is a reliable firewall and anti-malware software. That's a good start, but proper protection against ransomware is a robust data backup system. If you have an offline backup that hackers can't access to encrypt, then you have a way to restore your data without paying the ransom.

The Ways Multiple Vendors Might Leave You Exposed

There are companies out there that focus only on firewall security. They do an outstanding job, but that's all they do. They provide a certain protection level, but it's not what your business needs to give you adequate ransomware attack insurance.

Some other providers don’t want to touch your network. They’ll say, “Call your internet service provider. They'll provide the network and firewall stuff." They may also claim to only maintain your devices and servers, and perhaps in a sales-like fashion offer to throw in some standard antivirus and malware protection.

It’s important for customers to be cautious of this. They might believe they’re adequately protected without realizing the firewall might be inadequate, and there’s no backup system if it isn’t.

There are vendors who just offer backup and say they'll restore your data if you get infected. But who rebuilds your environment and gets you back up and running?

Many businesses have one or two of the above solutions without realizing they need all three for a robust cybersecurity defense.

Vendor Consolidation Benefits

Smaller providers can be limited in what they offer their customers. You often get more peace of mind, value, and security from a single-vendor full-service IT provider. They can offer the latest monitoring tools and comprehensive, around-the-clock support. Their experience can keep your business and technology secure and running efficiently without having to outsource to providers that you don't know or haven't vetted.