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Apple in the Workplace: A Partner Perspective

Apple in the Workplace: A Partner Perspective

CompucomDavid Krauthamer •  Staff Writer 

Compucom and Apple – The Right Choice

Apple Just Works – For Business

For some time now, Apple has been making inroads into enterprise organizations. In fact, the use of Apple devices in the enterprise segment has grown by 68% in recent years.

In 2021, the demand for Apple skyrocketed in the enterprise market, driven in part by employee choice and the pandemic-driven rise of remote work. And by May 2022, IDC estimated that Macs make up 23% of endpoints in enterprise organizations, a significant portion of all their endpoints.  

Macs, of course, are only part of the story around Apple devices in the enterprise. According to another IDC survey, iPhones account for 49% of the smartphone installed base among US-based enterprises, and iPads make up the majority of tablets used in the workplace.

The proliferation of Apple devices — macOS devices, as well as iPhones and iPads — is causing many organizations to rethink their approach to overall endpoint provisioning, management, and security. 

What Our Partnership With Apple Means for Your Organization

Compucom has been working closely with Apple for more than 25 years. Our experience and partnership with them help us understand the nuances of their products and the importance of adhering to Apple's best practices.

Our current Apple-certified credentials include the following:  

  • Apple Authorized Managed Service Provider (US)
  • Apple Value Added Reseller (VAR) (US)
  • Apple Authorized Reseller (Canada)
  • Apple Authorized Service Provider (US, Canada)
  • Jamf Managed Service Provider and Reseller (US, Canada)

And while it may seem like every service provider is touting their Apple expertise and partnership, Compucom is one of only two Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in the United States to be an Apple Authorized Managed Service Provider, an Apple Value Added Reseller, and an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

This means that we are trusted by Apple to sell, support, and service their products. That is a true partnership that works to the benefit of all of our customers. Let’s take a look at what these three credentials are and what having them brings to our customers.   

Apple Authorized Managed Service Provider (MSP)

When searching for the fastest and most effective way to integrate Apple into your hybrid workplace, you should partner with a company that can provide the experience and expertise to procure, configure, and support the lifecycle of all Apple devices.

As an Apple Authorized MSP, Compucom is certified to provide Managed Services and IT solutions for Apple products and services. We have met “rigorous program requirements and authorizations to help enterprise customers adopt Apple technology.” 

Apple Value Added Reseller (VAR) 

Our end-to-end IT services give your organization a secure platform for remote and hybrid work. With Apple, you get user-centric devices that help your organization seamlessly integrate hardware into current workflows without added stress to the company or IT department.

Because we're a value-added reseller, you can rest easy knowing that we will service the devices you buy. That's part of our lifecycle service offering – Apple products and services integrated with comprehensive support services. We’ve got you covered.

Apple Authorized Service Provider (ASP)

Apple products are known for fostering innovation. Simplifying your operations, lightening the load for your IT teams, creating an employee-focused experience, and maximizing productivity requires keeping them up and running. And while Apple products are known to be more reliable, sooner or later, all technology needs some type of service.

Apple Authorized Service Providers meet strict business, operations, and technician certification requirements to offer in-warranty and out-of-warranty repair services for any Apple product. This authorization gives us access to genuine Apple parts, tools, training, service guides, diagnostics, and resources to perform the repairs necessary to keep your devices working their best. 

Apple and Compucom – A Partnership You Can Trust

The pandemic accelerated digital transformation, causing IT teams to support more remote workers, add more security services, and offer users more device choices. These choices resulted in more Apple devices in the workplace.

While today's IT environment has grown increasingly complex, supporting Apple devices has become simpler, offering greater flexibility, lower technical support costs, and allowing your IT teams to focus on more strategic projects.

When it comes to Apple in the workplace, Compucom has the expertise to make it all work. We know Apple. Let's talk.

To get started, please reach out to your Compucom representative.