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Sale or No Sale: 9 Benefits MSPs Bring to Retail CX

Sale or No Sale: 9 Benefits MSPs Bring to Retail CX

compucom - troy baldwinTroy Baldwin •  Director, Offering Management 

Remember the last time you called your electric company, filed an insurance claim, or bought something online? Maybe you took a trip with a new airline or went to a different restaurant.

Looking back, did you like the experience? Did you hate it? What did you think of the company that provided it? 

CX Matters 

In today's economy, companies, especially retailers, are focusing on customer experience (CX) in an effort to understand customer needs.

But what does it mean to put the customers' needs at the center of your company's business strategy? More than just meeting their immediate needs to get the sale, it means ensuring they have a flawless customer experience throughout their entire journey with you – technology plays a critical role in this. 

CX and Technology: The Foundation

At Compucom, we believe that Customer Experience (CX) and technology should be the foundation of any business. When a customer is satisfied with their service, there is a higher potential of creating brand loyalty and even promoting your company to others.

Partnering with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) that designs its solutions around the end-user and customer experience ensures your infrastructure, systems, and applications set you up to deliver the customer experience that is expected of your brand.

“Today, IT is at the center of every business, but it's moving so fast that the business needs more than transactional services that address the issue of the day; they need IT partners that understand their business and their long-term goals and are committed to mutual success.”

Trevor Kemp, Compucom's Product Management Director

CX and IT Managed Services: The Benefits 

According to a Salesforce customer engagement report, 88% of respondents say that "the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services." We make it a point to understand your goals and vision for the customer experience as part of your overall business needs – acting as a true partner in driving your success.

Here's a look at the benefits and efficiencies that well-thought-out managed IT services and solutions can bring to your customer and employee experience (which are tightly linked) while at the same time freeing up valuable in-house technical resources:

  • Scalability and Flexibility – As your organization changes, your IT needs change – quickly pivot your services as required with flexibility that allows you to meet customer demands more effectively. 

  • 24/7 Support – You can have reliable support anytime, anywhere.

  • Access to the latest technology –  Don’t worry about slipping behind industry trends and latest technological advancements; we’ve got you covered.

  • Reliable Infrastructure – Our expertise ensures your organization's IT infrastructure is reliable and supports optimal CX while scaling easily.
  • Proactive Monitoring – Deploy advanced monitoring tools that proactively detect and address IT problems before they impact your employees and customers.

  • Enhanced Security Measures – Implement and manage robust security measures that protect both your customers' information and the organization's reputation.  

  • Data Management and Backup – Implement data management and backup solutions – ensuring your customer data is recoverable and safe.  

  • Compliance and Regulatory Support – Maintaining compliance with industry regulations and data protection laws prevents the risks of fines, penalties, and damage to your company’s reputation.

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – To ensure that your organization can quickly recover from disruptions, partner with an MSP that can provide disaster recovery planning that ensures business continuity.  
When you partner with Compucom, you can free up your internal resources and improve IT efficiency, ultimately allowing you to focus on your business objectives. By maintaining open communication, offering tailored solutions, delivering high-quality services, and prioritizing your needs, we can help you establish and maintain long, strong customer relationships. 

The Compucom Advantage 

Compucom is a leading IT MSP specializing in delivering end-to-end lifecycle services, technology, and consulting to enable the digital workplace. We understand the value of the customer experience and the importance of getting it right. With over 35 years of experience under our belt, we can provide end-to-end services no matter the scale. 

Creating and supporting a successful digital workplace requires an emphasis on easy-to-use and reliable solutions for the end user. Our solutions facilitate the flexibility, speed, and nimbleness people need to connect with the right technology anywhere, anytime, effortlessly, and from any device.